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Welcome to Dallas Animal Chiropractic


Dallas Animal Chiropractic focuses on the health of your pet’s body as a whole by utilizing Chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments restore movement and function of the joints and allow the body to heal from within. ​


Whether they are family pets, injured animals, performance animals, show animals, or athletes, animal chiropractic/ Veterinary chiropractic can enhance your animal's quality of life and ensure healthy and active years.  ​


Andie Ibarra, DC, CAC is a certified and licensed animal chiropractor and works in conjunction with your current veterinarian to increase the quality and duration of your pet's life. Animal chiropractors do not diagnose or treat veterinary conditions. They work under the referral of a licensed DVM. ​Dallas Animal Chiropractic is based in Carrollton, Texas and has been proudly treating animals of the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2017. ​


Meet Andie Ibarra, Certified Animal Chiropractor

First Visit

How To Schedule The First Visit


Veterinary Referral

In the state of Texas, for your pet to receive chiropractic care, a Veterinarian Referral Form must be completed and signed by both the owner and Veterinarian. 

Dr. Andie literally saved my dog's life!!! My dog, Murr was injured in a spat with another dog and couldn't move. I took him to two different vets who both referred him to a neurologist for an MRI as they couldn't diagnose what was wrong with him and Murr's future looked grim. I decided to take Murr to Dr. Andie as I felt Murr had a possible neck injury. Dr. Andie immediately figured out that Murr had a pinched nerve in his neck affecting his spinal cord making him unable to move. After 2 visits with Dr. Andie, Murr was moving on his own again and he is now back to normal!!!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Andie Ibarra as she is a miracle healer. We like to say that she performed a "MURRACLE". Thank you Dr. Andie, we are incredibly grateful for your expertise!!!

Penny & Murr

Dallas Animal Chiro has been such a blessing to our GSD, Goku. Suffering with a spine deformity and hip dysplasia is not easy and coming here has helped him (and us) so much. He has improved and feels so much better after an adjustment with Andie. She is so awesome and willing to answer any questions we have about his skeletal wellbeing. Not to mention so sweet, gentle, patient and kind when he gets a little nervous. We feel very confident bringing Goku and all his problems to a knowledgeable and professional chiropractor. Thanks again, we will continue to visit this practice for years to come.

Jacki & Goku

Dr. Andie Ibarra is absolutely wonderful! She is our organization’s go-to doggie chiropractor in the DFW area and she never fails to impress us with her knowledge, technique and demeanor. The dogs love her as much as their humans! She’s got a passion for animals and it shows in her handling of and patience with four-legged patients.
Four paws up for Dr. Ibarra and On 4 Legs Wellness!

American Boston Terrier Rescue & Rehab

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