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Dallas Animal Chiropractic focuses on the health of your pet’s body as a whole by utilizing animal joint manipulation. Chiropractic restores movement and function of the joints and allows the body to heal from within. 

Whether they are family pets, injured animals, performance animals, show animals, or athletes, chiropractic can enhance your animal's quality of life and ensure healthy and active years.  

We work in conjunction with your current veterinarian to increase the quality and duration of your pet's life. We do not represent ourselves as veterinarians nor do we diagnose or treat veterinary conditions. We work under the referral of a licensed DVM. 


We Go To You

Dallas Animal Chiropractic is based in Dallas, Texas and has been proudly treating the animals of Dallas since 2017. 

Dallas Animal Chiropractic is run by a certified animal chiropractor, Andie Ibarra, D.C., who always gives the best care for your pet.

We offer a holistic approach to animal wellness that focuses on preventative medicine. By adhering to this philosophy, you can rest assured your beloved companion is in the best hands at Dallas Animal Chiropractic.

We have a physical location in Dallas and also do house calls for an additional travel fee. Contact us today to set up an appointment!



While we do not diagnose medical conditions, we work in congruency with your veterinarian to treat and manage certain conditions such as:
Back Issues
Behavioral Issues
Difficulty Chewing/ Eating
Herniated Disc
Hip Issues
Neck Issues
Nerve and Muscle Issues
Overall Health
Patellar Issues
Sports Performance




Animal Chiropractic

Cold Laser


Special Cases

Ever wondered if your pet could benefit from chiropractic? Here are a few of our patients that have thrived through regular chiropractic care.







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Dr. Andie Ibarra is absolutely wonderful! She is our organization’s go-to doggie chiropractor in the DFW area and she never fails to impress us with her knowledge, technique and demeanor. The dogs love her as much as their humans! She’s got a passion for animals and it shows in her handling of and patience with four-legged patients.
Four paws up for Dr. Ibarra and On 4 Legs Wellness!

American Boston Terrier Rescue & Rehab

Andie Ibarra helped get my horse back in the race after an injury. I highly recommend her for all your animal chiropractic needs! She is very affordable and does a fantastic job with all of my horses!

Jenn B.

On 4 Legs is fantastic!! I was in town visiting my aunt and we took her Jack Russell in for a tune-up. Andie is an absolute professional and I encourage anyone in the area to take advantage of this wonderful service. 5 stars!!!

Andrew G.



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